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We recommend you have a look into our ‘Frequentaly Asked Questions’ section, just in case. 
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We offer both our tenants and potential new tenants a unique 24/7 tenant service for any question you might have or even tips regarding heating, energy saving or social matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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On this page you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions.
Frequently Asked Questions
Tenant Service
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On this page you'll find advice on how to prevent mold, waster separation and more.
Tenant Consultancy
Tips and Ideas
GCP Service Center
On this page you'll find useful tips on how to save energy, proper ventilation and more.

Tenant Service

The staff of Grand City Property takes care of your every concern!

For us, there are little things more important than our tenants satisfaction. 
On these pages you will find detailed information about our services as well as answers to frequently asked questions and useful housing tips.

The Berlin based Service Center of Grand City Property, is certified by TÜV. 
Feel free to contact us 24/7 for any query at our toll free number 0800 646 377 200 (toll-free) or via email at: [email protected].